Custom services - 3D Application Development

Custom services - 3D Application Development

Our expertise in 3D application development

Our expertise in 3D application development

Our web portals and mobile applications based on our expertise Topo, 3D, GIS, BIM, WebGL, HTML5, OGC standars, JavaScript, Json, C++, C#...

Serving your business

Serving your business

Risk prevention, Smartcity (quality living environment, security cameras, prospective and urban simulation, ecological coherence plan,...) and digital services (navigation aid,...)

Innovative technological choices

IGO develops or transfers its expertise and its API to its business integrators partners wishing to develop and master the 3D. 

IGO is almost for 15 years a trade and a strong expertise focused on 3D: 

We have made technological choices and software architecture for several years that we apply and are implementing with our customers:
  1. CityGML: for structuring, storage and exchange 3D models with managing mastered LOD 
  2. WFS, WMS: for 3D flow connections with our tiling improvements for better performance
  3. WebGL HTML5: for the webcast without plugin. A mastered choice made 4 years ago which is becoming a norm today. IGO has developed and published the product IGOWebGL (V1.1 disponible et  opérationnel)
  4. Déevelopment Opensource
  5. Développement Javascript: for web development, and compatibility and portability associated
  6. Terra Explorer edited by Skyline for the development of business applications.  
A choice made it 4 years ago and mastered which is

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